Kitchen Tables

The kitchen table, whether it serves as your craft table or your dining table, is a very popular place. There’s usually a high amount of traffic passing by, so you don’t want to just settle and pick any kitchen table.

This is your opportunity to design a kitchen table that meets all your needs. Our tables are 100% custom made just for you! Pricing for tables is based on the size and complexity of the design as well as materials.

Questions or have something else in mind? Get in touch with us… We appreciate old-fashioned phone calls — (865) 585-4513. We’ll talk about your project, get your contact information, and where you’re located to estimate freight fees.


Skaggs Creek is ready to design a custom-made kitchen dining table around your needs! Get in touch with us to talk about your project today! Drop us an email or old-fashioned phone calls work too — (865) 585-4513.


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