Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table w/ Bench & Chairs, Dining Room Table, Large Harvest Table, Farmhouse Table, Rustic Kitchen Furniture, Skaggs Creek Wood Shop

This dining room set is a true heirloom piece that would look great in any kitchen! Made from 100% reclaimed lumber and to your exact specifications, it is sure to be a conversation piece for decades. The table is crafted with true breadboard ends that are hand fit and pegged. The chairs are oversized and built with mortise and tenon joinery, no pocket holes here. The bench and table legs are glued and pegged with one-inch dowels to ensure the strongest construction possible. The top is a true inch and three-quarters thick and includes all the character that is expected from reclaimed lumber. All holes are epoxy filled and the table is finished with a durable water-based clear coat to ensure protection from years of use and for easy cleaning. This table measures 6×3-foot with three chairs and one 6-foot bench. Custom sizes are available as any configuration of chairs and benches you may desire.

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