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These shaker style custom cabinets are truly one of a kind and are sure to be the focal point of your kitchen! This is an example of an 8×8 standard kitchen using reclaimed lumber. Our cabinets are not your run of the mill box store or “factory” cabinet.

Listing highlights… True shaker style cabinets using reclaimed lumber.

1. Refrigerator surround
2. 18-inch tall pantry
3. 36-inch sink base
4. Corner cabinet
5. 24-inch wall cabinet
6.(2) 8-inch wall cabinets
7. (1) 8-inch base cabinet
8. Inset doors
9. Rustic hardware
10. Exposed rustic hinges

When it comes to construction you have many options depending on budget and needs. All cabinets are constructed using 1/2″ side, bottoms, and backs from solid reclaimed hardwood plywood (no particle board used) and all cabinet interiors are finished. This creates an extremely strong cabinet that will withstand many years of use. You have the option to upgrade to 3/4″ sides and bottoms. The sides and bottoms can be frameless or can be made as face frame cabinets as well. All parts are accurately cut on our CNC router from the layout you agreed upon.

The doors are constructed with a raised panel design from kiln-dried reclaimed lumber to ensure minimal movement thru the seasons and an extremely solid door. The doors can be mounted in the overlay or inset style on either your choice of concealed or decorative hinges, with or without a soft close feature.

The drawers are built using your choice of box joint or dovetail construction, both are extremely strong using 5/8″ sides and 1/2″ bottoms. The box joint being the most economical option. The drawer box material is either Baltic birch plywood or hard maple, Baltic birch being the more economical. The drawer hardware is either side mount full extension or an under mount depending on your choice and budget, both are available with soft close as well.

Each custom cabinet is handmade starting with your design. You say you don’t have a design or layout? This can easily be taken care of with a few pictures and measurements in your existing kitchen or for new construction the floor plan. Things like location of plumbing, electrical for the stove and refrigerator and any other design feature is all that is required to supply you with a custom CAD layout and 3-d rendering of your new cabinets for easy installation. You are not limited by anything as these are truly custom-made cabinets.

This is your opportunity to design kitchen cabinets that are functional and meets all your needs. Pricing for the cabinets is based on the size and complexity of the design as well as materials and hardware choices. When it comes to the final construction you have many options. This listing is an example of a basic 8×8 kitchen cabinet design.

Skaggs Creek is ready to design a custom-made kitchen around your needs! Get in touch with us to talk about your project. Drop us a message or old-fashioned phone calls work too — (865) 585-4513.

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